Accommodation building

The accommodation building has five rooms. Three rooms each have four double bunks and two rooms each have three double bunks, making a total of eighteen double bunks, (beds for 36 people), bunks are equipped with a mattress, a pillow, a pillow slip and a space blanket. An additional single woollen blanket for each bunk is stored in each room. Sheets or a sleeping bag must be provided by each camper, ducted hot air heating is provided to all rooms in accommodation building, each room has a table, two chairs and open wardrobe.

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Toilet/Shower building

Includes disabled toilet/shower facilities, separate women and menís sections and generous hot water capacity to handle 48 campers showering and washing needs.

Toilet/Shower Building^


Under Canvas Area

The under canvas area has a roofed shelter with an under shelter barbeque, attached to the shelter is a storage area which has the following: Double wash trough, fold up tables and bench seats for 30 persons, large freezer cabinet, two refrigerators, three outdoor barbeques and outdoor fire pit floodlit from the shelter.

Under Canvas area^


Chapel Area

The chapel area is located at the far end of the property and can seat approximately sixty persons, the chapel is situated in tea tree.†††††††††††††††††††††

Chapel area^