2013 sees us approaching the celebrations to mark the centenary of the founding of CEBS in October 1913 and the first meeting of CEBS in October 1914. We hope to see many of you in December 2013, to start celebrations of 100 years of the Society.





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                                           -  INVITATION  -

                                         Centenary Celebration


                            CEBS began with a motion at the

                             Melbourne Synod in  October 1913.

                              During 1914 a constitution was prepared.

                               The first branch of CEBS was formed at

                                Holy Trinity Kew, with an Admission                  

                                           Service on 25th October 1914.


          Centenary celebrations in Melbourne will commence

          on Saturday 7th December and Sunday 8th December    2013.       

          Interested persons may join us for any of the activities.



          - Mr Denis Wright     Tel  or Fax (03) 9879 0956

          Email:- cebs@alphalink.com.au