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History of Cebs


1913 – The idea for a Cebs group was given approval and Melbourne synod passed a resolution establishing the Church of England Boys            Society for boys aged 14 – 18 years under the guidance of the church of England Mens Society.


1914 - First branch formed at Holy Trinity, Kew, Victoria from an existing boys club and the first Cebs admission service took place on 25th            October at Holy Trinity, Kew.

With the outbreak of World War One and until 1919 Cebs suffered greatly. Many young men who had dedicated themselves to the work of Cebs answered the call of their country leaving Cebs practically leaderless. A small group of CEBS members managed to hold the threads together until the young men once again appeared in 1923 to carry on the work that had been begun some 10 years before.


1915 - The first branch established in Queensland at St Thomas’ Rosalie (now Toowong).


1918 - First branch in Tasmania  established at Holy Trinity, North Hobart.


1922 - First handbook published for 14 to 18 year olds only.


1925 - A new Cebs  Constitution was drawn up thereby separating Cebs from the parent body CEMS.


1926 - Constitution established with Cebs having its own Executive Council.


1927 - First branch in South Australia  established at All Soul’s, St Peters.


1928 - First branch in N.S.W. established at St Mary’s Maitland. Diocese of Newcastle.

            First interstate visit of Melbourne Cebs to Adelaide on Christmas eve. First swimming sports held.


1930 - Junior Cebs introduced for 8 to 14 year olds.


1932 - Frankston campsite (located in Melbourne diocese) purchased.


1941 - The order of Christ the King is introduced. Age groups broken up into Pages, Esquires and knights degrees.


1944 - The handbook extensively revised to the form used by Pages until 1963 and esquires until 1967.

 Introduction of standard uniform.


1945 - Branch established in New Guinea.


1948 - First branch established in W.A.


1963 - First Page handbook published.


1964 - First National camp held under canvas at Loftus, N.S.W.


1967 - Second National camp held at Langwarrin, Victoria


1968 - Lad degree (6 to 8 year olds) introduced in Cebs.


1971 - Third National camp held at Wanawang, Sydney.


1973 - Fourth National camp (25th Anniversary of Cebs in W.A.) held at Swanleigh, Perth.


1975 - First National Leaders Convention, Hobart.


1977 - Fifth National camp, first to use sub camps, in Brisbane, Queensland.


1979 - Second National Leaders Convention, Canberra.


1981 - Sixth National camp held at Adelaide, S.A.

            Name changed from: Church of England Boys Society (CEBS) To: CEBS – The Anglican Boys Society.


1983 - Third National Leaders Convention, Sydney.


1985 - Seventh National camp held at Tasmania.

            Frankston Camp closed after being sold.


1988 - 75th anniversary of Cebs.


1989 - Eighth National camp held in Gippsland Victoria.


1992 - Ninth National camp held in Sydney N.S.W.


1993 - 80th anniversary of Cebs.


1996 - Tenth National camp held in Adelaide S.A.


1999 - Eleventh National camp (50th Anniversary of Cebs in W.A.) held in Perth W.A.


2002 - Twelfth National camp held at Pointro in Queensland.


2005 - Thirteenth National camp held in Gippsland Victoria with a sub camp at Woori Yallock, Melbourne.


2008 - Fourteenth National camp held in Melbourne Victoria which was organised by Gippsland and Melbourne Cebs at short notice.

2013 - Celebration of 100 years since the start of Cebs, held at Holy Trinity Kew

Closure of Cebs in Queensland and South Australia

Closure of Cebs in Gippsland